How do I edit an employee's employment details? (Desktop)

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*Line Managers will be able to edit their employees' profiles, regardless of their permission level

It can be useful to keep employees' employment details up to date so that you know who they are and what they're supposed to be doing. Not that you'd forget. Of course not.

You can also update an employee's pay rates or remove them from your account when editing their profile.

  1. Head over to the team page by clicking on the 'Team' icon on the left of your screen. 
  2. Find the team member you need to edit, either by scrolling through the list or using the magnifying glass button at the top of the screen to search, then click on them to open their profile. 
  3. Select the Employment Details tab on the left.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the fields shown.
    1. 'Employee attributes' are skillsets or qualifications that you can assign to employees to help you to choose the right person to work a particular shift. As with job roles, you can add and edit these at will
    2. 'Job roles' are the different roles that the employee works as. You can add and edit these in your settings if the one you need doesn't show in the dropdown.
    3. 'Default job role' is the employee's usual job role. If the employee has more than one job role and you assign them a shift that doesn't specify a role then we'll fall back to the default.
    4. 'Employee group' allows you to assign the employee to a particular group to make it easier to order your schedule. You can add and edit these in your settings.
    5. The 'Permissions' field controls the level of system access the employee has. If you're not sure which is best then take a look at our full guide to the different permissions.
    6. The 'Leave Approver' is the team member who is responsible for supervising the employee's annual leave. If the employee should book unavailability rather than leave then you can leave this field set to the default and disable their leave instead. 
    7. The 'Line Manager' is the team member's direct manager. They'll be able to view and edit the employee's profile.
    8. If you have more than one location set up you can choose which the employee should be assigned to.
    9. The employee's work pattern is the days that they usually work. If we know these we can make sure that when an employee books leave we only deduct the days when they would typically be working from their allowance; for instance, if they usually work Monday to Friday and they book off Thursday to Monday we'll only take 3 days from their allowance, not 5. Employees will also only be recommended for shifts on days that fall in line with their work pattern.
  5. Once you've made any necessary changes click the 'Save Details' button in the top right of the screen; this will only appear if you've made changes.

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