How do I manage timeclock settings? (Mobile)

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Getting employees to clock in and out for their shifts can be an invaluable way of making sure that everyone's where you're expecting them to be and that you're not paying staff who forgot to show up. Always handy, that.
Different companies have different requirements though, so you might want to tweak the specific rules.

  1. Head over to the settings page by clicking on the 'More' button at the bottom of your screen and selecting 'Settings' from the list. 
  2. Open the Time Clock dropdown and select the 'General' tab.
  3. Update any necessary settings, then click the save button at the top of the screen.
    • Using the toggle at the top of the screen you can deactivate the Time Clock entirely if you don't want your team to clock in and out for shifts. They won't get so many reminder notifications, but you won't be able to track worked hours. Tricky.
    • Provided the time clock is switched on, you can choose how late an employee has to be before they're marked as late on the time clock page. Is 1 minute pushing it, or are you happy for them to waltz in half an hour after you expected them to? The choice is entirely yours.
    • You can control whether your team can edit their own time entries or not. Useful if they arrived on time but forgot to clock in, less useful if they arrived late and don't want you to know.
    • You can also decide whether employees need to be at or around the physical location associated with the schedule before they can clock in and exactly how close they need to be for the clock in to work.
    • Finally, you can choose how early an employee can clock in for their shift. Handy, that.

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