How do I manage timesheet settings? (Desktop)

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Getting employees to clock in and out for their shifts can be an invaluable way of making sure that everyone's where you're expecting them to be and that you're not paying staff who forgot to show up. Useful, that.
Different companies have different requirements though, so you might want to tweak the specific rules.

  1. Head over to the settings page by clicking on the cog icon at the bottom left of your screen. 
  2. Select the 'Timesheets' tab under the Time and Attendance heading on the left of the screen.
  3. Update any necessary settings, then click the save button at the top of the screen.

    • Auto-approve timesheets lets you set your account to automatically approve timesheets if the hours worked meet your specified criteria; much easier than manually approving every single one.
    • Pay Periods allows you to choose how long your payroll periods are so that your timesheets match how you run your business.
    • You can decide whether to require employees to clock in and out or not. Disabling this feature might save your team a bit of time each day, but you won't be able to track worked hours. Tricky.
    • Provided the time clock is switched on, you can choose how late an employee has to be before they're marked as late on the time clock page. Is 1 minute pushing it, or are you happy for them to waltz in half an hour after you expected them to? The choice is entirely yours.
    • You can also choose how early an employee can be for their shift. Handy, that.
    • Allowing employees to clock in without a scheduled shift means that if employees are asked to work at short notice they'll still be able to clock in even if you haven't had time to create a shift for them.
    • You can control whether your team can edit their own time entries or not. Useful if they arrived on time but forgot to clock in, less useful if they arrived late and don't want you to know.
    • Fed up of employees forgetting to clock out? You can set your account so that they're automatically clocked out a certain amount of time after the end of their shift if they haven't clocked out manually. The end time will be set as the end of the shift so make sure you build in enough leeway for employees who genuinely work overtime.
    • Finally, you can also decide whether employees need to be at or around the physical location associated with their shift before they can clock in and exactly how close they need to be for the clock in to work.

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