How do I manage my schedules? (Mobile)

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Satisfy your obsessive organisational tendencies and set up specific schedules for different locations, tags, or teams. With the ability to assign employees to multiple schedules you can finally plan every aspect of your staff’s working lives and indulge your underlying megalomania all in one place!

  1. Head over to the settings page by clicking on the 'More' button at the bottom of your screen and selecting 'Company Settings' from the list.  
  2. Open the Scheduling dropdown and select the 'Schedules' tab.
  3. Here you'll see the various schedules that have been set up for your account.
    1. To add more schedules click the plus icon in the top right and enter the schedule name, then choose a default location for the schedule before saving. Any new shifts added to the schedule will automatically be created with the default location unless the shift is assigned to an employee who doesn't work at that location. (This will come in handy if you require employees to be within a certain distance of the location before they can clock in or out.)
    2. To edit an existing schedule click the arrow to the right of the listing. You'll then be able to change the details or delete it altogether.

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