How do I add a new shift? (Mobile)

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Shifts are the cornerstones of your schedule; the real key players. Learn how to set them up and you'll have the full power of Shiftie right at your fingertips. You know, so long as you understand all the other bits too.

  1. Head over to the scheduling page by clicking on the 'Schedule' button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select the All Shifts tab, then use the date filter to select the date that you want to create a shift for. Make sure that the correct schedule is selected in the 'Schedule' dropdown if you have more than one available.
  3. Either click the plus button next to the Unassigned Shifts header to create an unassigned shift, or scroll down to the Available to Work section and click the plus button next to an employee to create an assigned shift.
  4. Select a shift template from the list. (You'll only see templates that are suitable for the selected employee's job role, and if the employee isn't available for any of the templates because of pre-existing shifts or unavailability they'll be greyed out.) Once you've selected the template the shift will automatically be created.
  5. If you want to create a shift that you don't have a template for then you'll need to select the 'Create Custom Shift' tab instead.
  6. Choose the job role for the shift, and then select the start and end times.
  7. If employees are entitled to an unpaid break during their shift you can set this in the 'Unpaid Break' field. The default value can be changed in your settings.
  8. You can choose to add 'tags' to the shift as well; you can add or edit these if the one you want isn't showing.
  9. If you don't want employees to be able to see the shift end time click the box to hide it from them. You'll still be able to view it as a shift admin.
  10. If you have any specific comments about this shift - for instance, if it will involve anything out of the ordinary - you can click the 'Add Notes' button to add these to the shift.
  11. Finally, click 'Create Shift'. If the shift is assigned you'll be able to choose whether to publish it now as well. The new shift will appear in your schedule - almost like magic!

*If you choose to hold off on publishing then when you're ready you can click the 'Publish x Shifts' button on the All Shifts tab to publish all of your unpublished shifts at the same time. 

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