How do I copy the previous day or week's shifts? (Desktop)

Modified on Thu, 23 Nov 2023 at 05:17 PM

Finding that your shifts don't change much day to day (or indeed, week to week)? Then have we got a feature for you! Copy shifts from the previous day (or week) across to your selected day (or week) and then customise as needed (or week?).

Want to copy shifts from a different date range? You're going to want to check out schedule templates.

  1. Head over to the scheduling page by clicking on the 'Scheduling' calendar icon on the left of your screen. You'll default to the week view, but you can change to day view if you only want to copy a single day.
  2. Find the day or week that you want to copy shifts to, using the calendar picker at the top of the screen if necessary.
  3. Click the spanner icon in the top right of the page and select 'Copy previous week' from the dropdown (or 'Copy previous day' if you're on day view. Obviously.)
  4. Choose what should happen to any shifts that clash with existing shifts on the day you're copying to.
    1. If you choose 'Don't create any shifts that conflict' we'll only copy shifts that don't overlap with existing shifts for the employee they're assigned to.
    2. If you choose 'Overwrite any conflicts with the new shifts' we'll prioritise the shifts that are being copied and will delete any existing shifts that cause clashes for employees.
    3. If you choose 'Unassign any new shifts that cause conflicts' we'll unassign any copied shifts that overlap with existing shifts for the employee they're assigned to. 
    4. And if you choose 'Unassign all new shifts' we'll, uh, unassign all of the new shifts.
  5. Once you're happy with your conflict selection click confirm; the schedule will update to show the copied shifts and you can make any changes as necessary before publishing.

This feature is only available on Desktop.

Struggling to find this feature in your Shiftie account?

Check our permissions and plan pages to make sure you have access.

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