How do I clock in or out via a portal?

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So, your manager's set up a fancy new clock-in portal to make clocking in and out easier for you? Best check how to actually use it.

1. Make your way to the clock-in portal your manager has set up. (Hint: It'll be a physical device somewhere at the clock-in location. Probably a computer or tablet).

2. Enter your unique PIN.

    a. You can check your PIN by logging in to your Shiftie account.

3. If you've got a shift scheduled it will display on your screen. Click the 'Start Shift' button to clock in.

    a. If you don't have a shift scheduled, or your shift is in another location, you'll see a message to let you know. You can choose whether to start an unscheduled shift (if that's permitted in your company settings), or to speak to a manager.

4. When you're ready to clock out, follow steps 1 and 2 again, but this time select 'End Shift'

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