How do I connect my DigiTickets account to Shiftie? (Mobile)

Modified on Mon, 11 Dec, 2023 at 1:45 PM

Fed up of jumping between systems trying to keep your staff to visitor ratio balanced? We're not surprised; it sounds exhausting.

Instead, why not link your DigiTickets account to Shiftie? That way we can show you how many visitors you have booked and how many staff you have scheduled, all in the same place.

  1. Head over to the settings page by clicking on the 'More' button at the bottom of your screen and selecting 'Company Settings' from the list.
  2. Open the Integrations dropdown and select the 'DigiTickets' tab.
  3. Click the Connect button and enter your DigiTickets login details to connect your account.
    1. You'll need to set up a dedicated DigiTickets user for the integration so that you aren't logged out every time you use ProPoint or the DigiTickets Back Office.
    2. Each individual DigiTickets login can only be used against one Shiftie account.
    3. You can add additional DigiTickets accounts by clicking the 'Connect Another Account' button and following the same process.
  4. The screen will update to show your linked account. Choose which branches and events you want to display against each schedule and then save your settings. Each schedule can only display a single branch against it, but you can show the same branches and events against more than one schedule.
  5. Your schedule will update to show your pre-booked visitor numbers when viewing on a desktop computer. There you'll need to navigate to the schedule and hover your mouse over the stats bar at the bottom of the screen to view the figures.

    • We pull visitor numbers through once an hour, so they won't always match your ticketing system exactly. You can see when the figures were last updated though so you always know what you're working with.
    • The figures we pull through are for the number of people booked to visit on a given day, not the number of tickets sold. That means that a family ticket that covers 4 people will - you guessed it - show up as 4 visitors in Shiftie and a ticket for an under-2-year-old which doesn't count toward your capacity won't show in Shiftie at all.

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      To view the Desktop version see How do I connect my DigiTickets account to Shiftie? (Desktop)

      Struggling to find this feature in your Shiftie account?

      Check our permissions and plan pages to make sure you have access.

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